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 Full Package
 See below the 5 modules incluted in the PSMS Full Package.
ISPS Maturity module,
Addressing terror threats
Corporate Security module,
Addressing crime threats
Education and examination module
Sharing and decision
support module
AEO security,
self-assessment module
ISPS Maturity module
Addressing crime threats

The purpose of this section is to enable security professionals to review and upgrade a PFSP / PSP.

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Corporate Security module
Adressing crime threats

This module addresses crime risks with the help of a manual which enables security...

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Education and
examination module

This module is based on best practices of ISPS related maritime education and offers a manual for...

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Sharing and decision
support module

This module contains a system that enables security professionals to supervise their facility.

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AEO security
self-assessment module

This module contains a questionnaire based selfassessment for AEO, security and compliancy

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